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Geo-Walks resume in June 2015

Would you like to experience the Burgess Shale, but don't have the time to make one of the guided hikes? The easy and informative Geo-Walk program starts up again in June 2015. Geared for all ages and abilities, it is a great alternative to the full-day guided hikes.


Here's a 2015 reading recommendation. Four Billion Years and Counting: Canada's Geological Heritage describes the geological history of Canada and how the geology of Canada impacts the way we live. Take a close look at any one of our modern conveniences and there's a connection to geology: the metals and quartz mineral in a wristwatch, the plastics in appliances and the fossil fuels in the gas tanks of our vehicles. Geological processes are behind natural hazards such as earthquakes and landslides.

Aug. 21, 2014 Update on ROM's discovery of soft-bodied Burgess Shale-type fossils in Kootenay National Park

The CBC visited the new fossil site on August 21. View the video.
Wonderfully preserved specimens of Metaspriggina from the Marble Canyon site have allowed Conway Morris and Caron to redescribe this very early fish and to interpret clues about the early evolution of fish.

Burgess Shale Virtual Tour

The Burgess Shale Geoscience Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of virtual tours of the Walcott Quarry, Mount Stephen Trilobite Beds and various other locations that are of importance to the Burgess Shale fossil discovery.

The virtual tours are available at

A big thanks to Rick Lichtenauer for creating these virtual tours!

Royal Ontario Museum On-Line Exhibition

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and Parks Canada have launched their Burgess Shale on-line exhibition, as part of the Virtual Museum of Canada. The website provides, for the first time ever, an immersive journey into the world of the bizarre prehistoric creatures that formed the foundation for all animal life on Earth half a billion years ago.